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04.05.2011 TAKS

State testing is in April. This week was a big one for the 5th graders.

For the record, I hate state testing. It serves the purpose of finding out what the children know within a given framework, but it doesn’t show how well the kids can think when they aren’t given ideal conditions. It keeps teachers from being creative, and it lowers all learning to one level. Those kids who are above that level already? Forget them. They’re going to zone out and never reach their greatest potential.

Fortunately, this is the last year for the TAKS. It will, of course, be replaced with some other mind-numbing standard-testing.

I can’t help but wonder if other countries are in the same fix.

One thought on “Testing

  1. Lynn

    Amen. There was a lot to be said for the old one-room schoolhouse in terms of teaching efficiencies (and effectiveness), where the quick students could in theory help the slower ones, and the bureaucracy was blessedly smaller. My father’s father and mother were both schoolteachers at one time or another. [Of course, I also remember that frequently in those days, if you were a woman who married, you lost your job to someone who wasn’t, no matter how good a teacher you were.]

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