Computer Club – Week 3

For week 3, I decided to teach the kids some Photoshop basics. Along the way, I taught them a few principles of image editing.

I’m really starting to see difference in the skill and interest level in the kids. Some are clearly just interested in socializing. Some are interested but lack something… I don’t know what. They hear the instruction, “Press this button”, but do something altogether different.

My Photoshop CreationAnd then there are the pleasant surprises. All I taught the kids today was how to use the tools in the pallette along the left side of Photoshop Elements. With just a few clicks and a little playing around, I was able to create this butterfly picture. I wanted them to see that they could do as well, if not better.

One fourth grader, who was obviously struggling to keep up, stuck with it and created a really beautiful image. It was abstract, but she clearly understood more about colors than the rest, even the kids that were two years older. She really loved what she was doing too. I think she even surprised herself!

Next week, I’ll be teaching them filters. Then we’ll really see what we have. I can’t wait to see what some of them do!

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