Knitting ADD

Most of the ladies in my knitting group know that I’m pretty anal not having more than one or two knitting projects going at a time. I think it’s because I fear that I’m going to become one of those that has a pile of unfinished objects as big as their stash. Whatever the reason, it makes me absolutely crazy to not see a project all the way to the end.

So imagine how crazy at a time like this, when I have four projects going at once.

Tiger socksThe first one started months ago. I bought some beautiful yarn from Spunky Eclectic and immediately wanted to make socks from it for Halloween. I started, finished both feet, and then, when I got to about an inch up on the cuff of one, realized that the feather and fan lace pattern that I wanted to use wasn’t stretchy enough for me to fit the cuff over more than a few toes. I ripped it out to the heel and tried again. This was no better, so I ripped out to the heel again. Somewhere along the line, I dropped a stitch, and on the tiny size 0s, I couldn’t manage to get it back. Frustrated, I frogged it completely, wound the yarn into a ball, and shoved the whole lot into a ziplock and into the bottom of my knitting bag. There it sat for months.

I finally brought them back out again after Christmas. I’m now back to the heels. Those size 0 needles kill my hands after awhile, so I can’t work on just that project.

Alexander in progressI started project #2 as a gift for the daughter of a good friend. It’s my friend’s first grandbaby, so I wanted to make something special. I saw a sample of Berocco’s Alexander polo onesie at a LYS and finally tracked the pattern down on eBay. After some debate, I decided to go with KnitPicks Shine Worsted for the yarn (instead of Berocco’s Touche). For now, I’m just not finding the project as interesting as my other projects. (The long stretch of stockingette probably has something to do with it!) The baby isn’t due for another month, so I have some time.

wool silkThe third project started as something totally different. A good friend’s daughter is graduating in May and will be going to college in Chicago in the fall. I decided that a perfect graduation gift would be a matching scarf/hat/mitten set. I found some yarn on Etsy that I thought would be perfect.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t. I thought I was ordering something like Manos. What I received was something more like banana silk or recycled silk. The yarn is loosely spun in some places and very tightly spun in others. Rather than being cuddly and soft, it was silky and didn’t seem like it would give the kind of warmth that someone braving the Chicago cold would need. The colors and sheen of the yarn were absolutely beautiful though, so I started thinking about what else I could make.

ShawlI settled on the Twin Peaks Shawl from “Just One More Row”. It’s all garter stitch, but it’s a pattern that will show off the yarn’s colors and interesting changes between thick and thin. I’m not sure it will ever end up with my friend’s daughter. (It might end up with my friend or it might end up wrapped around my shoulders when I’m in the computer lab!)

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  1. Ann

    That silky yarn is stunning! I adore the color. I will check out that shawl pattern; I need a simple shawl for variegated yarn.

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