Busy day

There are some days when I take a whole pile of pictures and find that I have to choose one for the picture of the day. Today’s pictures were from a visit to the local community college, a trip to Starbuck’s, dinner with the ladies from fiber therapy group, spending time at the group at another location, and snapshots of the pile of salvage that is collecting at work.

From all of them, I picked this one:

M&M Shot

These very large syringes showed up in our mailboxes at work. Just a little fortitude for making it through several days of TAKS (Texas state) testing of the students.

I picked this one because it was one of my “special projects” or “other duties as assigned”. I do these kinds of things frequently. The boss comes up with an idea of something that would be cute for the staff or district folks, and then I spend some of my spare time and her money to make it happen. One of these days, she will come up with a crazy idea that I won’t be able to pull off. This one wasn’t it!

The shots were a big hit with the staff, I think. I certainly saw some laughs!

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