Don’t blame the monkey!

Last night, my pal SouthernMystic walked into the fiber group and said something like, “Anyone enjoy untangling things?” She dropped a bag of yarn in the middle of the table, and everyone stared at it with rather dumbfounded expressions. She pulled it out and showed it to us. The yarn was still partially in the skein but partially tangled beyond belief. Apparently her small son had grabbed it off the swift and gone running.

In a fit of homework avoidance, I started untangling it. When I left, I took it with me (for more “homework”… Yay!).

Don't blame the monkey!

After a couple hours, I have it half untangled. I’ll finish it tomorrow. The dying of the yarn is so beautiful and the yarn so yummy that it’s a joy to have an excuse to repeatedly run my fingers through it! (Not sure what the yarn is… It’s one of SouthernMystic’s.)

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  1. lynn

    hey, email me directions to the alternative Tues night location? I tried to use the maps feature on this phone but did not know *which* one, and I’d like to switch back and forth. Thanks!

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