One thought on “Yay Scotty!

  1. Min

    hee hee

    I haven’t watched all season (I’m a Simon boycotter), but Mom calls me every night as it starts.

    Mom: Are you watching Idol?
    Me: Is Simon on?
    Mom: Nope.
    Me: Then do you THINK I’m watching?
    Mom: I guess not.

    (repeat twice a week for … twelve weeks?)

    So, tonight, I turned it on for literally the last five minutes just to see the results, since she’s been telling me every week who she’s voted for or how the voters got it right/wrong/etc. I called it as the credits rolled.

    Me: So, are you happy?
    Mom: Yep. But I knew he would win.
    Me: Oh, you did?
    Mom: Yep. I knew it from the first day he sang. He was a winner.

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