Kitty is here!

My friend Kitty is in town from Chicago! When Kitty is around, it’s always like we’ve never been apart. Within minutes of her arrival, we’re back in the same rhythm that we had when I lived in Chicago.

Today we decided to head off to Dallas to have lunch and go to The Shabby Sheep anniversary sale. Off course, we started out by getting turned around and heading in the wrong direction. When we got to Dallas, we found that the restaurant that we wanted to visit (Screendoor) is closed on Saturday for lunch. So we went to another restaurant that was nearby.

Jorge’s is a Tex Mex place. They serve chimichangas, nachos, salads, and fajitas. The food was good, but the company was better. There’s nothing like sharing a long meal with an old friend! We talked for ages about things that we can’t talk about at our jobs. Oddly enough, though we work in different businesses in different states, we’re suffering from many of the same problems.

Then we headed off to the Shabby Sheep. I found one yarn in the store that I thought about buying, but decided to pass because I knew I’d be spending money at the Alisha Goes Around trunk show that was camped out in the Shabby Sheep’s studio.

05.28.2011 Courtyard

When I went to check out at the trunk show, I found out that my debit card was gone. Kitty and I talked through our steps. We hadn’t been too many places, and the only place it really could be was the restaurant.

So I called them, only to be told, “No. No one has seen it.”

I didn’t believe it, and neither did Kitty. We looked around the Shabby Sheep quickly (with Ronda, the owner, saying, “But you didn’t BUY anything! You couldn’t have lost it here!” Ouch!). Then we drove back to the restaurant.

When I asked the manager again if they had seen my card, they said, “No.” I asked them to check again. They checked all of the check holders but found nothing.

I insisted again that they HAD to have the card. The staff half-heartedly looked around again. So I insisted again, a little more loudly, that my card HAD to be there. (The restaurant was nearly empty when Kitty and I left, and there was almost no one in the restaurant when we returned.) The few people who were in the restaurant stopped eating and looked at me with interest.

At that point, one of the staff members walked out with the card and said, “I found it between the cushions in the booth.”

Uh huh.

So we returned to the Sheep. When I stopped in to tell Ronda I’d found the card, I felt guilty and both the Cascade Magnum that I’d seen earlier. Then I stopped at the Trunk Show and bought the yarn that I wanted there.

Kitty and I spent the rest of the afternoon knitting and watching “French Kiss” on DVD.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do tomorrow. Something fun, no doubt!

4 thoughts on “Kitty is here!

  1. Lynn

    I would put this story on one or more of those restaurant-comment websites, as well as plastering it all over Facebook. With a copy to the Better Business Bureau.

    No Jorge’s for me. Not even with cash.

  2. Angeluna

    Good for you that you got your card back. Although I would certainly watch the charges for a while.

    Would LOVE to see Kitty if you’re coming to FW. Give me a call.

  3. Grace Post author

    I certainly will! It bothers me that they denied it so many times and then… Ta da! It’s found right when I was about to get ugly.

  4. Grace Post author

    The problem is plausible deniability. It’s possible that it happened just as they said, but unlikely.

    It’s sad. You wouldn’t expect a restaurant in the Arts district in Dallas to be the kind of place you need to worry about something like this. I guess there are shady people everywhere. 🙁

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