Mr. Grump bought his “man-chair” after he got out of college, sometime around the winter of 1985/1986. He has used it nearly every single day since then. Little Grump was barely three when he stopped allowing her cuteness to weasel him out of his preferred seat.

About 5 years ago, he started having problems with the recliner portion of it. The only way to get the footrest up and down is with extreme “convincing”. I suggested getting a new one, but he said, “No!” He learned to adjust himself to be comfortable without it.

A few years ago, he heard something snap and felt a spring poking him in the rear. Again, I suggested replacing it. Again, he refused. Ever since then, I have concerns whenever a visitor tries to sit in the chair.

Over the fourth of July last year, my friend Kitty was in town, and she was having a horrible time getting in and out of our couch (which had also been used way past its prime). On a whim, we stopped by the Lazy Boy store. They were advertising big sales, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to look. We walked in and immediately fell in love with a new couch. We considered getting a new chair as well but decided that it would be better to let Mr. Grump pick out his own chair.

In the nearly year since then, Mr. Grump has made it clear that he has no intention of going to do it. He has waffled between, “I’m fine with this chair.” and “Why haven’t you picked out my chair yet?”

So Kitty is in town, and again, we drove by the Lazy Boy store and noticed a sale. We figured we’d drop in and see what they had. And we found something!

Dad's new chair

When we found the chair and a covering that would coordinate perfectly with our couch, I took this picture with my iPhone and then called hubby to tell him to look at it on the iPad. His first reaction was, “I really would prefer cloth over leather!”

See… I knew that, which is why the swatch is on the seat!

Unfortunately, because we chose a custom covering, it’s going to take about 8 weeks for delivery… Just in time for our anniversary!

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  1. Lynn

    On the other hand, he gets what he wanted: a chair, in the right color, and the right fabric, and he didn’t have to go shopping for it.

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