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I’m here because I have to be

One of my “other duties as assigned” is to maintain my school’s web site.  It’s not something that I’ve ever minded doing because I have had experience with developing web applications.   When I started, we used good old fashioned HTML.  After a few years, we moved to DotNetNuke.

In the near future, the district wants to move to WordPress.  While some people are cringing, I’m happy.  I’ve had this site set up on WordPress for years.  It’s much easier to use, much more stable, and can be set up to self-update.  (If you have struggled with DotNetNuke because someone somewhere couldn’t be bothered to keep the server up to date, you will understand why this makes me happy!)

Regardless of the fact that I have used WordPress for years, the district insists that every school webmaster and their designated backup must take training through Lynda.com for WordPress.  So I’m sitting through hours of “WordPress Essential Training”.  Fortunately for me, the instructor says that it’s a good thing to set up your own WordPress installation (DONE!) and try out the features as they are covered.

He’s covering Headings now, so I must play along…

What else is going on?

A fat lot of nothing.  (Guess what he covered there?)

My family and I just finished moving from a 2,400+ square foot rental house to a barely 1,000 square foot apartment.  It was (and is) as painful as you can imagine.  We have amassed 2,400 square foot of “stuff”, much of which we might need someday but don’t immediately need.  So we’re weeding.

Image result for pound head here

(Sweet chicken!  The instructor is now covering a number of things that our Third Grade students could tell you!  “It’s important to note that blockquote changes with themes.”  Really?

No… He didn’t cover images yet.  I’m jumping ahead.)

But I digress…

Folks ask me how I’m adjusting to apartment living.

The first thing to keep in mind is that living in a neighborhood as opposed to an apartment is as not different as it once was.  The neighborhood where we lived before had quite a few rental homes.  The house across the street from where we lived had no less than eight people living there.  We saw a steady stream of people going in and out (rarely quietly), and at any given time, there was almost always someone in the driveway or on the front stoop talking (again, rarely quietly) on the phone.  The street was also fairly busy, so we had quite a few people blasting rap music as they passed by.  (Which leads me to ask… Why is it that people who blast music NEVER seem to blast music that we LIKE?  Just wondering.)

(Now the instructor is introducing us to “text view”.  Oh look… HTML.  Been there.  Done that.)

Moving to an apartment has been interesting.  We live in an apartment complex that has about 300 apartments.  Each building contains a certain number of apartments that basically divides the building into fourths or eighths.  We are in a 3 bedroom apartment, so we have one apartment next to ours and one apartment above us.

Pause while the instructor teaches about keyboard shortcuts I already know and switches to how to create links.  I will test myself before I move on…


I’d much rather be wasting my time here!

I'd rather be wasting my time here!

We never hear anything from the apartment on the bottom floor.

The apartment above is another story.  There are at least four people living there.  Mom-figure is a nurse of some sort.  She has two children.  One looks about First Grade age.  The other is a baby.  With a walker.  It took us several days to figure out what they were doing up there that required rolling up and down their hallway.  We think there’s also a Dad-figure and/or a teenage son, unless Mom-figure walks around like a 300 pound gorilla in the middle of the night.  I have never in my whole life known of any family that walks around as much as these people do.  All day and all night long, we hear people walking around, opening and closing doors, running, jumping, rolling, etc.  Oddly enough, we don’t hear their voices.  Mute but active.  Very strange.

Now we’re doing Categories vs. Tags.  That’s kind of interesting.  Every post must be in at least one category even if the one category is “uncategorized”.  Tags have no relationships and are non-hierarchical.  (Love the spell-check in WordPress!) 

The external noise wasn’t bad until a few days ago when I think someone moved in that has an over-inflated opinion of his truck’s audio system and his musical tastes.  He likes to crank it up while his buddies tinker with their cars.  The racket is so bad that we can’t even hear our own television in our own apartment.  This will make even my mild-mannered husband lose his calm!

More tags won’t boost Search Engine Order.  Ha!  Knew it!  We’ve now moved on to the creation of Categories.   There went another brain cell… dead.  Gone forever.

For the most part, we’re dealing.  On most days, we have no more noise than we did at the house, especially when you include playground noise to the amount from the house.  We miss the square footage, but the apartment is much easier to keep clean.

The worst part is that I am no longer right next door to the place where I work.  So I have to remember things, which in an apartment that is not totally ordered is not always easy to do.  Today I forgot my keys and ID, which meant that I couldn’t get into the building and can’t get around the building.  I also can’t help the people who randomly come to me and say, “Can I use your key?  I locked myself out of my room.”


Time for Revisions.  This could be helpful.  Do I ever use revisions?  Nope, but for the school, I might.  He failed to explain when revisions are created though.  After publishing the first time, it shows that I have three revisions… 28 minutes ago, 5 minutes ago, and 1 minute ago.  Why did it wait 23 minutes between the first and second revision?  Sigh… That would have been helpful to know.

This weekend is DFW Fiber Fest, and I’m excited.   I plan on going on Thursday and helping set up the Lazy Cat Yarns booth.  Then I’ll be going on Saturday and Sunday to visit and take classes!  Great fun!