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Lawyers don’t scare me!

Wow… It looks like I’m going to be checked out by some lawyers over this bleeding yarn fiasco!

I posted about my project over at knittyboard.com. (The folks over there are really nice!) One person suggested that I contact the dyer and let her know that her product had an issue. This is the conversation so far:

by bookgrump
I just thought that you should know that the wool silk yarn that you sold me bled badly during the blocking process.

FO – Twin Peaks Shawl

Is this normal?

2 March 2007 8:01am EDT

by Mysticalcreationyarn
you are very close if not to slander my attorney will be reviewing this also!
2 March 2007 8:09am EDT

by Mysticalcreationyarn
oh ya and by the way I am the dyer for just one more row lol
2 March 2007 8:18am EDT

by bookgrump
Your lawyers don’t scare me at all. I have facts on my side. It’s only slander if it’s not true. Since it is all 100% fact, you’ll be wasting your money. (Maybe you can bully other people, but you can’t bully me.)
2 March 2007 9:29am EDT

by Mysticalcreationyarn
lol you really need to get a life
2 March 2007 9:30am EDT

OK then… A life. Check. Got one of those. And now…?

You know, I wouldn’t care so much about the dying issues if someone would take responsibility for the mess and do something to keep it from happening again. I’ve been irked about this because I didn’t believe that the dyer would really care. And I was right. She doesn’t. Instead, I got a threat and mockery.

Dying yarn for some pattern-maker doesn’t make her infallible. Bully for her that she has customers. (I wonder how long they will be customers when they run into the same problems with bleeding that I encountered. Can you imagine making an item and then selling it to someone who gets caught in a rainstorm? Yowza!)

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone. It doesn’t matter how hard people try to do the best job possible, they’re still just people. There’s only been one person who was ever perfect, and that person was thanked mightily for the feat by being nailed to a cross! Why is it so hard to say, “Yep, I could have done better. Blast it all. I’ll see that I do better next time.”?

This person can’t fix my issue unless she’s willing to over-dye the shawl to restore it to its former glory or refund my money. I don’t see her doing that (not in this lifetime anyway). I would at least like to see her post something in her product descriptions like, “HEY! DON’T GET THIS WET!” or “Dry clean only.” That would have saved this project and every project for every person who has yet to knit with this yarn.

Instead, she wants to send lawyers. If they don’t know how to fix the dying problems, they’re nothing to me. Bring it on!