Summer diversions


Starting about a month ago, I started hearing people saying things like…

“I bet you’re excited about summer break.”

“What exciting things do you have planned for the summer off?”

And my all-time favorite…

“You are so lucky that you have the summer off!”

Ah, the myth of the “summer off” for those who work in a school. I used to believe in that… But then, I used to believe in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy too!

The truth is that many people who work in schools don’t “take the summer off” at all. Many take the classes required to maintain their teaching certifications. Quite a few work summer jobs to compensate their piddly teaching salaries. Quite a few also teach summer school, write curriculum, go to workshops, teach workshops, and/or dash into the school to work in buildings without air conditioning in order to get a jump-start on the next school year.

The concept of big trips is also a myth for many who work in schools. With such low salaries, only a small number can afford for lavish vacations.

Then there are families like mine. I may have some time off this summer, but Little Grump is taking classes, and Mr. Grump is busier at work in the summer than he is the rest of the year.

Since no one else can take vacations, I tend to other things during the summer. Here are just a few:

  1. I have to work the rest of this week, and I return to work weeks before the teachers.  So my “summer break” is shorter than many on staff.
  2. I may have to return to school over the summer to take care of random tasks.  For instance, I usually go back to the school when the Principal is ready to pack it in for the summer.  It’s my one last chance to make sure that the computer equipment is shut down properly.  I also may need to return to accept delivery of new equipment.  Even though it interrupts the summer, it’s better than waiting to get a whole bunch of equipment ready while everyone is anxious to use it!
  3. I need to get my house in order. The end of the school year always leaves our house in need of deep cleaning and decluttering.
  4. I accepted a freelance job to develop a wedding video for one of my coworkers.  It’s extra cash, which may come in handy for…
  5. I want to work on weaving!  My friend Taya loaned me her loom, and I’m so excited to get started with it!
  6. I want to write an app for the iPad (and iPhone, maybe).  I’ve been looking for an app that does something very specific for knitting, and I can’t find it.  So I may as well dust off my programming skills and give it a try.

06.08.2011 Summer diversions

That ought to keep me busy!   Not necessarily out of trouble, but definitely busy!


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