Sunny Saturday

Today was a day that I really needed. No drama. No commitments. No deadlines. Just rest and relaxation.

Oh, did I need that!

06.11.2011 Sunny Saturday

I went on the rounds at the various fresh markets in the area. I started at the Arlington Farmers Market in downtown Arlington. There weren’t many farmers there, but there were enough. I bought some field grown tomatoes that still need a day or so of sitting on the counter from maximum ripeness, some green beans, and some awesome peaches. I ended up at Greens, where I browsed through the rows of flowers and then bought some really nice baby squash and some goat cheese.

Then I went home and watched “The Muppet Show” with Little Grump the rest of the morning. It still amazes me the wide range of performers that guest starred on the show. The Alice Cooper episode is still awesome!

I took a long nap after lunch and then watched races on TV with Mr. Grump the rest of the day. I also tried to find a pattern for a baby project that wouldn’t require me to buy more yarn and puttered around with my iPad.

There’s nothing like wasting time when there’s absolutely nothing that will suffer for it!

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