Summer is for catching up!

After my last official work day of the school year, I got home, looked around, and said, “Dear God, do I actually live here?”

It happens like this every year. The house looks nice and relatively tidy at the beginning of the school year, but in the “whoosh!” that is the months between March and June, the house falls apart.

This year was worse than that. This year was one big blur from beginning to end. There were quite a few dramatic events, and a special project to go with each and every one of them. As happens with many people who work in schools, the house suffered. (In theory, I could have given up my knitting time in order to clean the house, but I needed my knitting time to keep from losing my mind!)

So now I get to do catch up.

As I looked around, I saw quite a few things that needed major attention:

1. The dining room should be officially renamed “the dumping room”. We come in the door, and anything that isn’t needed immediately elsewhere gets dumped in the dining room. By the end of the year, the table was piled so high that I couldn’t imagine finding the top of it. I needed to find the top though. I have a “special project” to do over the summer that requires the scanner that is on the dining room table… somewhere.

2. The master bedroom needs some work. We have clothes that won’t fit in dressers because the dressers have clothes that are not suitable for work or we just don’t like anymore. We have stacks of receipts and paid bills in one corner that need to be shredded. We have piles of yarn that need to be photographed, stashed, and stored. It’s not a pretty sight, and I’d really love to have a corner to set up a loom, a treadmill, or something.

3. The closet under the stairs needs to be cleaned and organized. It used to be organized, but Mr. Grump wrecked it while searching for a computer, and then Little Grump tossed camping supplies, shoes, and a host of other things in on top of the rubble. The last time there was a storm, we couldn’t even hide in there because there wasn’t any room.

4. Purging books, magazines, etc. that we don’t want or need any longer. If a magazine only contains one pattern that I want to make, I need to scan the pattern and purge the magazine. If there are books that no one in the house expects to read again, we need to box them up and trade them in at Half Priced Books. We have so many books that we don’t care about taking up shelf space that we don’t have room for the books that we truly do love.

5. Dusting. I want someone to invent a robo-duster that flies over everything… blinds, window sills, pictures, and more… and dusts without throwing mammoth dust bunnies into the air. A salary sufficient to allow me to hire a maid would be nice too.

In short, it’s time to declutter and clean up!

I got started this morning. I started in the dining room because… well… If I want to scan a pattern, I actually need to be able to FIND THE SCANNER!

When the day started, this table was piled about 5 inches or more high with stuff. I worked all morning and got it to the point where there are some clearly defined piles. And look! You can actually see the top of the table!

06.14.2011 Cleaning

Look! That’s the top of the table! I don’t think I’ve seen that since before I last saw snow!

In the process, I also found some books that needed to be returned to their owners. I also found some money, the partially finished yearbook from a couple years back (on the right lower corner of the picture), and a whole bunch of desk supplies (upper left corner).

I also found that Little Grump needs to start work on her art portfolio. (The upper left is all of the art from the last two years that she brought home.)

It’s not totally done, but it’s a beginning.

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