Words with Friends

My mother loved to play games. The only thing she liked better than playing games was winning them!

Fortunately for her, she had four constant opponents that she could challenge any time she liked. My brothers and I learned early on that she didn’t believe in letting a child win. So if we ever wanted to win, we had to get really good at games ourselves.

One of my mother’s favorite games was Scrabble, and she was amazingly good at it. She had an amazing vocabulary, but her math skills were nothing to be sneezed at. She could run through 50 possibilities in under 60 seconds and unfailingly come up with the highest point value word possible! Needless to say, we rarely won.

My mother said that it was great for building vocabulary. I think that was her way to keep us playing with her. I eventually got really good at Scrabble and at many other word games as well, even if I couldn’t beat her!

Recently, I’ve discovered online Scrabble. Through the iPhone and iPad, I’ve also discovered Words with Friends. So now, I’m wasting lots of time spending lots of time building my vocabulary!

2011-06-16 Words with Friends

If you start playing… Beware… It’s highly addictive!

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