Crafty, crafty

About two years ago, I bought some supplies to do a project that I knew I’d do as soon as I received the supplies. My house is full of things like that. The road to Hell and all of that…

As I’ve gone through cleaning, I unearthed these supplies. They were still in the box and, fortunately, I’d had the forethought to print out my plan for them.

As luck would have it, I am taking part in a swap on the Rebecca Danger board on Ravelry. She’s the maker of those cute monsters that I’ve been making. I’m putting together a Pink package for one of the members, and she is putting together a Red package for me. I love getting knitted gifts!

So when I found the supplies, I decided that I’d make a little something to add to the package. Something pink.

Sorry… I can’t be more specific than that. My swap partner may be lurking around here.

I am also sorry that I can’t share the picture of the completed project. It’s a bummer too, because I’m pleased with the result! (I posted a picture on Facebook if you want to see! “Neener! Neener!” to my swap partner!)

So instead, I’ll mark this day in history by one of the supplies.

06.22.2011 Glue

If someone would like to explain why this so-called water-based adhesive is still stuck to my fingers, I’d really like to understand!

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