I need to get out more!

We don’t travel much in this house.  Most of our extra money goes for electronics, which we use almost every day to get much enjoyment.  When we do travel, we typically travel by car.

I had to pick up a friend at Love Field this afternoon.  In all the time that we’ve lived here, I hadn’t been to that airport.  But if a friend needs a ride, I’m more than happy to go the extra mile (or more) for them!

Thank God for the marvelous invention of the GPS.  I laid out a route on MapQuest, which gave me a speedy trip.  Mapquest said that it would take 38 minutes.  It actually took 20!

As I expected, there’s lots of construction around Love Field.  I was still able to find the parking garage fairly easily.  However, just because I can find it, there’s nothing that says I can actually use it!  Somehow, I got turned around and, before I knew it, found myself in the employee exit of the garage.  I couldn’t move forward because I didn’t have an ID card.  I couldn’t move back because actual employees were trying to get out.

Thankfully, the garage attendant came over to rescue me.  While I’m sure he was thinking, “That bimbo!” he kindly asked me to put my car in reverse and to allow him to steer my car as it moved backward.  Another attendant convinced the employees to back up so that I could get out.

When I finally escaped the garage, I drove a little bit and saw a sign for “Cell Phone Lot.”  I had no idea what that was, but it looked like a place where I could get my bearings.

What a great concept!  I don’t know how new it is, but it’s brilliant.  (My hubby didn’t know what one was either, so I looked it up on the Internet via my iPhone while I was sitting in the lot.)  For those who are as backwards as Mr. Grump and I are, a cell phone lot is a place to sit and wait away from the terminal until you get a phone call from the party saying that they’re ready to be picked up.  It keeps the traffic from building up around the terminal without making travelers wait too long to get transportation.  Brilliant!

(Yeah, yeah… Those of you who travel are probably cracking up at how ignorant I am.  Go ahead… Yuck it up!  I’m still going to enjoy the fact that people are thinking!)

The Cell Phone Lot at Love Field is not a thing of beauty.  It’s downright ugly.  However, it’s still a great place!

06.23.2011 Waiting at Love Field


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