Happy Anniversary, Knitting Fairy

I went to the anniversary party for the Knitting Fairy’s shop. It’s a small store, but the Knitting Fairy is building it the right way… Making good connections with vendors, making customers feel like success and more.

Tonight they had a “Yarn Tasting” party. We got to knit a small swatch of a number of different yarns. My favorite was a yarn called “Glisten”. It was alpaca and merino, and some sort of metallic sparkle. It knitted like a dream, and for $11.50 for 88 yards, it had better! The party was loads of fun.

Much to my delight, Brooks Farms was there with a large stock of their yarn.

07.07.2011 Brooks Farms

I did not go away empty-handed!

One thought on “Happy Anniversary, Knitting Fairy

  1. Harriett

    Is the Knitting Fairy local to Arlington? I would love to have some place local to go to shop for yarn. I don’t like the only one in Arlington I have found. I’m going to Google it right now!

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