My package for the Rebecca Danger swap has reached its destination, and the recipient is thrilled! It was a big package of pink, but the star was the monster.

I took the idea from the Pinkalicious book. The story is about a little girl who goes rather overboard in her love of her favorite color, pink. It’s the basis of a whole series of books, but from the second I knew that my swap partner wanted pink, I couldn’t stop thinking about this book.

I started by knitting Claude the Closet monster in a really, really bright fuchsia yarn that I’ve had in my stash for a bit. It’s from The yarn is soft and knits like a dream.

Then I made a sparkling skirt from some jeweled organza that I found at Joann’s. I simply took half of 1/8″ yard of the fabric, folded it in half (so that the fabric was doubled along the longest edge), gathered it along the unfinished edge, and then sewed ribbons over the gathers on both side.

Little Grump made the wings and crown. It’s cool seeing how her creative process is different than my own. She laid the finished monster down on the back side of some sparkling paper and then drew the wings around the monster’s body. Then she removed the monster and finished out the shape. (I likely would have just free-handed it and then had to re-do it because the wings were the wrong size!)

She did the same thing with the crown. Then we added some “jewels” from my scrapbook supply stash. (I think my house is a small version of the big box craft stores!)

We also made a wand, because every princess needs a wand!

Out of all of the toys that I’ve made and given away, this was the hardest one to let go. The girl that it was heading to deserves something nice though. She’s a great person, and she’s so creative. Anything less than awesome would have been cheating her.

Besides, there are lots more books in the series. The second book is Purplicious. I wonder what I can do with that one!

3 thoughts on “Pinkerbelle

  1. aisling

    I must admit even though I LOVE cupcakes, I really liked Purplicious more than Pinkalicious. Aaralyn also has Goldalicious but not Silverlicious because we are waiting for the paperback version to match her others in the series (we get them at the school bookfair). We did go to Borders and read Silverlicious though 🙂

  2. aisling

    Also? I LOVE Pinkerbelle. She’s pretty much the best monster toy I’ve ever ever seen.

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