Horsing around

Tonight a group of my co-workers and I went to Painting with a Twist to paint pictures of our school mascot. The outing was a blast! Only a couple people there had any illusions of being great painters (and I wasn’t one of them!), but everyone did a great job and had a good time doing it.

At the beginning of the evening, the instructor said that everyone should know that the paintings didn’t have to be exactly alike to be good. So of course, I would be the one who would put her to the test!

As I started to paint the head, I swooshed, swooshed and… Hee… There was the eye! It looked rather evil, but I quickly decided that I loved it. I work in a lab, for crying out loud! I WANT the children to think that my evil eye is always watching them! (Based on the number of times that I’ve caught one of the students doing something other than what they should, they need to know that someone is watching them!)

Later, the instructor walked by, grabbed a paintbrush, and told me that I’d done the eye wrong and that she would “fix it” for me. I stopped her seconds before the paintbrush touched my canvas by saying (in my most evil teacher voice), “I LIKE the evil eye!” The poor woman jumped like I’d shot at her!

I’m not sure what possesses so-called artists to assume that they know how to “fix” someone else’s art, but that’s not going to wash with me. I don’t even like seeing teachers try to “fix” a student’s computer problems. (It’s much more empowering for the student to make the student fix problems!) I was glad that she didn’t mess up the thing that I liked the most in my painting!

Here’s my painting (buttom left). The other was done by our music teacher. The woman is brilliant at everything she does! It amazes me how a bunch of people can start with the same concept and come up with such different results.

08.04.2011 Painting with friends

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