I spent the afternoon today at The Knitting Fairy with my friend Wendy. I took a couple of pictures, but if I want Wendy to continue being my friend, I’d better not post them! I mean, I *know* she was concerned about where she was going with her sweater, but the pictures looked like both she and Alissa were ready to just say “To heck with it!” and frog the whole thing.

I was not a good photographer today, I guess. The sweater is lovely! I can’t wait to see it finished!

So tonight when I looked out the window, the moon looked so big and beautiful that I just had to take some pictures. I’m still trying to find the best way to take moon shots with my camera. The best picture of the night was actually one of the first I took. It’s not such a good picture of the moon, but it does show off how pretty it was!

08.14.2011 Full moon

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