The cart

When the teachers return to the school, I spend the days running from room to room to connect all of the equipment.

Every year, I start with an empty cart. At most, it has a spray bottle with vinegar and water and a soft cloth (for cleaning monitors) and my iPad (for updating inventory).

Every year, I finish the last room with a cart filled with miscellaneous cables, cords, and crap!

The cart

How is it possible?

One would think that eventually, the rooms would run out of cords. But no… This year was actually the best year so far. (Last year, I had two carts full of junk!) So I guess it’s progress.

I figure that it’s probably kind of like the force that removes and/or returns socks from the dryer. Somewhere there’s another universe where there’s a poor campus tech looking around for missing cables. If she came to my universe, she’d find them!

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