Pre-birthday shopping

We took advantage of the beautiful weather today to go out and do a little shopping for Little Grump’s birthday. Mr. Grump wanted to get her an iPod, but I had a different idea.

Little Grump has been talking about wanting a tablet device for the computer for months. I had done some research on Amazon and found one that would be not too expensive but functional for what she wanted.

If you’re not familiar with tablet input devices, they’ve been around for years. It looks like an over-grown trackpad, but uses a pen for input. It allows the user to draw as if they were drawing on paper, but the output is on the computer instead. The least expensive one was about $70. The most expensive is over $2,000. I was looking in the $100-175 price range.

We went over to the Apple store in Fort Worth, but we didn’t tell her why. When she walked in, she was dazzled. The Apple store is pretty amazing for anyone who likes Apple devices. When I walked her over to the shelf with the Wacom tablets, her eyes started to mist over. We quickly picked one out, and, as the clerk checked us out, she kept saying, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

As soon as we got home, she started working with it right away, and I have to say that I’m impressed. Within a half hour, she was sketching away on the computer and declaring that the device was a miracle.

09.05.2011 New tablet

She is so happy! She says that it exceeds her expectations, which makes me happy.

She was also quick to send out messages to her friends from school to let them know of her gift. I think she could probably be a good salesperson for tablet devices, because more than one of her friends now wants one too.

I look forward to seeing what all she creates with it. Maybe she will even let me share something that she has created someday!

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