Mr. Grump is a rare man. Unlike most men, he looks at his wife’s growing pile of supplies as a good thing. He encourages me to buy yarn that is unusual or that is on sale, even though he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have more than enough yarn to last for years. It’s his position that I’ll use it sooner or later, so it’s best to get it while I can.

My latest project is going to be another example that he will cite for my protests that I don’t really need more yarn. I purchased this yarn ages ago. I have a picture from February 2006 of the yarn, but I’d had it for a year or so before the picture was taken.

Cleckheaton Country Naturals

I was attracted to the yarn because it was unusual. I thought that I would use the yarn to make a felted bag, and I was curious about what the fly-away fibers would do during the felting process.

That is, until I realized that the yarn was superwash. Oops… The yarn most likely wouldn’t felt, even I blasted it with the hottest, soapiest water around.

Since then, I’ve tried the yarn with a couple projects. I first tried it with a baby sweater pattern, but it didn’t work. It would have looked like the baby had been rolling around with a shedding cat. I tried it with a hat pattern, but it would have looked like the wearer was shedding gray hair. Not good.

It went back to the stash and stayed there until today. In the middle of the work day (amid a really demoralizing day of battling with uncooperative computers), something clicked. I couldn’t wait to get home and dive into the stash to retrieve the difficult yarn. I tried it out tonight, and I think it’s going to work!


I’ll hold off saying where this is going to go. I will only say that hairy days call for hairy yarn!

Stay tuned…

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