First, I want it to be known that I’m deathly afraid of lightning. I can handle scary monsters, blood, guts, all sorts of other nasty things. Not lightning though!

I think it started way back when I was little. I heard a story about someone who had been zapped by lightning. The description of the death scared the crap out of me! (I’m sure that whoever talked about it wouldn’t have if they had known that there was a little girl with a very vivid imagination right around the corner!)

What scared me even more was that it could happen so suddenly. Just… ZAP! Little warning other than the raising of the hair on the arm, and even then, the warning came too late for the person to actually do anything about it.

Since then, I had the misfortune to be caught out in the middle of a heavy storm. Once when I was in college, I got stuck in the middle of a field during really heavy lightning. I spent an hour, pressed as flat against the ground as I could get, hoping and praying that I’d survive uncharred. When it was over, I made it my mission to never get caught in such a situation again.

So why was I standing outside my house as a lightning storm approached? Because I was committed to having *something* for Project365.

I’m happy (and more than a little relieved) to say that I’m still not extra-crispy. Furthermore, I have a couple shots worth sharing!

09.29.2011 Flash

09.29.2011 Waiting for the storm

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