Peeping tom

This afternoon, I came home exhausted. All I wanted to do was melt into the couch and watch mindless TV.

So I’m sitting there with Little Grump, who is in a similar state, when we heard the screens on the back windows rattling. I looked out the front window and saw the tree limbs shaking. I dismissed the whole thing as wind.

A few minutes went buy before we heard the screens rattle again. This time, the rattling was more intense and growing more intense with every passing moment.

Little Grump and I exchanged concerned looks. One of our neighbors’ had a break-in a few months back. Some teens climbed over their back fence and went in through one of the ground-floor windows. Ever since then, we have been concerned about the possibility of such a thing happening here.

The rattling continued. I finally decided that I’d peek out through the blinds and see if I needed to call 9-1-1. What I saw surprised me!

09.30.2011 Peeping Tom

Maybe the squirrel needed some mindless TV as well!

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