First deadline… passed

Hurray!  I got past the Parent Night deadline.  I must say that I am so, so, so, so proud of my Computer Club kids.  I printed out all of the completed self-portraits, laminated them (so they wouldn’t get messed up by all of the kids who just can’t resist touching something cool), and mounted them on the wall outside the lab.  The result was so awesome!  For the past two days, as the wall went up, kids and teachers have been stopping cold in their tracks as they pass.  My kids have become the envy of all of the other kids in the school, and I’ve heard more than one second grader (who won’t be eligible to join for two more years) say that they’re going to work hard so that they can join.  One teacher has come to ask me to teach her kids how to do it.  (We’re putting it under a lesson plan called, “How to figure out applications for yourself.”)

My kids took Photoshop Elements further than I thought that they could and really had a blast doing it.  (They always surprise me like that!)

Last night, the parents who came to see their work were completely impressed.  Parents repeatedly said that they couldn’t even begin to know where to start doing such a thing. I took a great deal of pleasure when one girl’s high school brother said, “Gosh, they teach this at the high school.”  High school, my eye!  These kids have brains and talent!  Why wait?

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