I’ve been RAK’d!

And it feels nice!

You never know when I kindness that you’ve done for a person will come back to you, but I firmly believe that it always does.  Life has a way of doing that.  It all comes out even in the end.

One day I saw a posting on knittyboard.com.  Someone had set up a blog using a free template and found that it used Comet Cursor.  When people visited her sparling new blog, their scumware blocking went off.  The poor lady wanted to know how to get rid of it.

I hate spyware.  I hate the people who make it.  They take advantage of people who aren’t the most computer savvy and get them to do their dirty work for them.  Comet Cursor is one of the worst.  It looks oh-so-pretty and really hi-tech.  But in the background,  it collects user statistics on anyone who encounters it.  It’s also been known to install toolbars that no one wants and to intercept browser requests to send users to alternate affiliate sites rather than the one indicated by the web browser.  It’s just nasty, and if there’s anything I can do to get rid of it, I’ll do it.

So I helped the poor lady find the code in her template.  It was a little five minute task for me, but to her, it was a lifesaver.  (Those are just the kind of tasks I like!)

Several days later, I received an PM from her asking if she could send me a small RAK gift.  Normally, I would have said “no”.  (I don’t just blindly hand out my address to people.  But I gave her a friend’s address and told her that she could send it.

I’m happy to say that I received my RAK gift, and it came during a really good time, as this has been one really stressful week.  I really love it!  It’s a little “rug” to put under my coffee mug (so I can look at it and remember that somewhere out there in this big old world is someone that appreciates small kindnesses) and a little flag from the dear lady’s home country, South Africa.

The really neat thing, and the thing that makes the RAK gift even more special, is that it came from halfway around the world… All the way over in the United Arab Emirates!

RAK gift

I’ve never received anything from there before, not even when my brother was in the US Navy and on an aircraft carrier near there.    Very cool!

Thank you, lulu2!  You’re awesome!

2 thoughts on “I’ve been RAK’d!

  1. Erin

    That was so sweet of her! And of you for helping her out. I agree, Comet Cursor is the debil. I learned that long ago…the hard way.

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