24 Scarf

24 scarfI knitted this scarf for the 24 KAL. I gathered a whole bunch of “junk” acrylic yarns that I had left over from other projects (some from over 10 years ago!) and made this. There’s no real pattern. Each row used a different combination of yarn, two or three strands at a time. Almost all of the rows used one strand from a huge skein of Red Heart acrylic that I don’t even remember buying.

I mainly knitted it to keep my hands busy so that I wouldn’t bite my nails while watching Jack nearly get himself killed a half-dozen times! I was happy to find that I was so distracted by “24” that I didn’t even notice the squeakiness of the Red Heart.

The scarf is going to a box of “fate to be determined” projects. The original intent was to give it to a charity, but dd thinks it’s cute enough that it might make a great gift. I’m putting off the decision until I have a chance to knit a matching hat. (I have a few more episodes of “24” and a bunch more “junk” yarn to use!)

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