Megan’s Braids

My knitting group has kind of an idea of knitting karma. In exchange for all of the great things that have come to our knitting world (and all the things that will surely come), we do a little charity knitting. This year, we decided to jump into the fray of Karen’s Caps.

I started one cap, but ran out of yarn half-way through. That got shoved into the bottom of my bag. I knitted another one and was practically insane by the time that I finished. (I didn’t even bother to take a picture of it because I couldn’t stand it a moment longer!)

I just couldn’t bring myself to knit another. So I gave the rest of my fun fur to my sisters of the wool and looked for an alternative project that hopefully will be as acceptable as a fun fur cap.

Megan's BraidsThe answer came in two waves. A friend gave me “One Skein Wonders” for Christmas. Then a coworker heard that my group was knitting charity hats and donated some yarn to the cause. One skein was bubblegum pink acrylic. I knew it could only become one thing.

It’s Megan’s Braids, from “One Skein Wonders”. I reduced the amount of seed stitch from 4″ to about 2″ (seed stitch makes my wrist hurt terribly), and I changed the decreases on the top so that the top wasn’t so pointy.

Megan's BraidsI finished it with the cutest little hair bows (rather than the beads and buttons that were recommended by the book). I’m really pleased with it and am only sad that I don’t have even more crazy pink yarn for more braids.

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