Finished one project and resumed work on another

completed chevron scarf That Chevron Scarf project sure was addictive! For some reason, I couldn’t seem to put it down!

So I knitted and knitted. I started it right before the Harry Potter book launch party, knitted on it there, and then continued whenever I thought I’d have a couple minutes to spare. Before I knew it, I was done.

Part of the fun is the changing colors. I used All Things Heather Sock yarn in two different colorways. One was called Flame. The other one had no name, but it was a combination of greens, blues, and purples. It was so neat to watch them roll along. The yarn was awesome for this project. It’s SO soft! I wound the scarf around my neck several times and didn’t feel the itch that I normally associate with wool. So I’m happy!

My friend Jeri (aka soapquiltknit) advised a mutual friend that the Chevron Scarf seems to work best with really high contrast colorways, especially ones that have no colors in common. I think my scarf illustrates that quite well.

More pictures of the scarf are available at my Flickr account.

When I finished, the scarf was really wavy, folding onto itself down the length of the scarf. A soak in Eucalan, a good rinse, a good squeeze, and then blocking did wonders for the scarf. It looks like it still has some of the original curling, but it doesn’t. It’s almost like magic.

As I was waiting for this to dry, I received a phone call from the parent of the graduate for whom I made the “My So-Called Scarf.” She wanted to meet me for lunch this week, but it was a huge reminder that I needed to finish the hat and mittens that I wanted to send with it.

First MittenI’ve never made mittens before, so I figured I’d start with a small mitten as a sample. (I have tons of the yarn, and I know more than a few charities that would welcome such cozy mittens.) My friend’s daughter has really long, narrow hands, and I figured this would help me figure out where I needed to modify a standard mitten pattern to accommodate the target’s.

I’m glad that I did. My first mitten has a pretty wonky join between the thumb and finger portion. I’m going to pull that out and do it again so that it doesn’t look so bad.

It’s cute though, and I made it in less than three hours! I think I may end up making a mountain of mittens for Christmas gifts. (My daughter says that she would like a pink pair, thank you very much!)

5 thoughts on “Finished one project and resumed work on another

  1. Emilee

    I LOVE that scarf! I agree that it looks best with high-contrast colors, you can definitely see the waves clearly with the colors you chose.

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