“happy as a clam”?

So much for

When I finished these guys, my daughter said, “So much for happy as a clam! He looks so sad!”

That he does. It’s a good thing that he has a friend to comfort him!

These two were made from Crafty Alien’s “Surf’s Up” collection. I left the little pearl inside the clam loose so that I can change his look a bit every now and then. On this particular day, he was kind of bummed out. I’m not sure when he’ll be feeling more chipper. Maybe on a Friday!

12 thoughts on ““happy as a clam”?

  1. aisling

    I love the octopus, i cant wait till i figure out where a pair of size 10s are at and do ari’s horses. I just don’t know how to knit with all these finger injuries lately!!!!!

  2. Batty

    So cute! The clam does look a bit sad, but then, life is probably boring when you’re a clam. Friday, though… maybe this is a party clam?

  3. Jeri

    The clam can look happier if you let him stick his neck up a little (and raise his eyes). I know, he doesnt have a neck. [Its an imaginary neck.]

  4. Grace

    They’re both great! I still haven’t knit anything from her Surf’s Up collection, but it is definitely on my to-do list! To me the octopus looks hungry, and the clam looks worried…

  5. Taya

    LOVE them! Are you working on a lobster next? I’ll make a clam this week to send to a friend — you can let yours know he isn’t alone in the world and maybe he’ll cheer up. I think the ‘pus looks like he’s trying to console the clam, not eat him!

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