Bunny Booties

Bunny Booties

I’ve been looking for great projects for the many babies that I know are going to be born in the next six months or so. The first has already been born, and the next will be born soon.

No one should go through life without bunny slippers. They’re fun, make even the grumpiest person smile, and are warm and cozy. So when I saw the pattern for the adorable Bunny Booties, I knew that I wanted to make at least two pair.

The first pair (pink ones on the right) are going to a friend who just had a new granddaughter. My friend is always doing nice things for me and is such a dear to my daughter. So I thought it would be good to make a pair for her new grandbaby. I made the 3-6 month size for this pair because I wasn’t sure when the baby would get them. This pair was made from Cascade 220 in pink. I used some left-over white Velvet Touch for the cuffs to make them extra soft at the ankle. I made the Hopefully, the baby and my friend will love them.

The other pair is going to a friend who worked at my school last year. She’s a rather boisterous person who teaches Kindergarten, so I know that she will see the humor in bunny slippers. This time, I made the 0-3 month size. I made them from Patons Classic Merino in Winter White. I used Patons Decor in Winter White for the cuffs. It’s not as soft as the Velvet Touch, but the color matches really well.

I love this pattern. It’s well-written and had no errors, which is something, considering that most of the patterns that I use these days are error-ridden.

I intentionally left the fuzzy tail off both pairs. I have a fear of giving babies anything that can easily be a choking hazzard, and the tails seemed like they’d be especially dangerous. The booties are still cute though, even without their tails.

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  1. Grace

    Awww they’re really adorable! I thought that the pattern was well written too, as most Fiber Trends patterns usually are. You did a great job with adding the faces, and I am sure your friends will love them!

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