The down-side of wooden needles

When I finished knitting a little bit ago, I laid my knitting off to the side on the couch.

I forgot where it was. I went off. Did a few things. Came back. Sat down. Propped my feet up on the couch. Then I heard a “snap!”

Excuse me while I cry. It’s my only needle of that type in that size.

3 thoughts on “The down-side of wooden needles

  1. Alice

    That happened to me just before Christmas. I had my favorite set of 5 #3 wooden dpns – they were long and I’ve had them for 10 years. I used one as a stitch holder for a bunch of sweater stitches, putting rubber end caps on each end. So, I press both end caps together (needle in between) to make sure they’re tight: *crack*, 2 pieces of needle in my hands. You want to know what I did next? Oh yes. I got *another* needle of the same set and did the same thing only not as hard… and got 3 pieces of shattered needle in my lap. I was so absolutely, insanely furious with myself (what do you do with only 3 dpns in a set? nothing!) that I couldn’t pick up needle and thread for several days. Oh, the horror. It still makes me twitch.

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