I’ve been so busy lately! The work on the yearbook is almost done. It takes so much more time than I think it will. I get caught up in what the hubby calls “dinking”, tweaking things here and there, shuffling things around, re-doing pages to try to get the very best quality that I possibly can out of photos that are sometimes less than great.

I always give half a sigh of relief when I can drop it in the mail to the printer. The rest of the sigh doesn’t come until weeks later when the book arrives.

Sock Madness - Zombies

I’ve had a little bit of time to work on the Zombie Socks. I was eliminated from Sock Madness (no big surprise there). It’s a shame because I had so many people cheering me on. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way to suspend time so that I can get more knitting time in. The little I got was in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep and had gotten to the point where I was afraid that my fatigue would cause me to do something really stupid with the yearbook. (I can handle frogging a sock. I cannot, under any circumstances, deal with accidentally over-writing the “good” file with a bad one. I’ve seen it happen way too many times to discount the effects of fatigue on an otherwise capable person!)

My daughter loves the fit on this sock. It fits me too (yay for stretchy socks!). I wish the cuff was higher. Oh well… I’ll do that on my next pair someday.

I love the subtle swirl in this sock. I’m glad that I chose a semi-solid, and I’m liking the color more than when I started. I have about three rows to go on the toe and then it’s time to learn to Kitchner. I hope to get some help with that at the knitting group tonight.

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. bea

    It looks good. Don’t worry about not making it. The whole thing is really about enjoying the knitting and the patterns.

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