The Sisters of the Wool Blanket

Several months ago, I came up with a crazy idea. When I asked the ladies in my knitting group to join me in my insanity, they eagerly volunteered to help.

The crazy idea was to make a group blanket project for someone special. (I won’t say who. I think she reads my blog but doesn’t comment.) There are over 20 of us in the group. My pal Jeri, who is a whiz at math, did some quick calculations and figured out that a 4×5 square afghan with 10″ squares would be just about right.

For the project, we decided to give KnitPicks’ new Comfy yarn a try. We wanted a yarn that would be washable and would make it so the blanket could be used over the summer months.

So far, thirteen of the squares are done. May has been a loony month for everyone (end of school year, special projects, life), so even collecting the squares has been harder than I expected.

Here are the squares so far:

Square One My Square - Mirrored Triangle Stitch
Lynn's square Mary's Square
Joy's Square Wendy's Square

4 thoughts on “The Sisters of the Wool Blanket

  1. Lori

    The patterns look wonderful together! I love that different people can come together to make something that will be so special!

    Yeah for you.

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