The Sisters of the Wool Blanket – Part II

It’s the end of the school year, which means that I’m busier than ever. Only four more days of school with kids and six more beyond that without kids, and then I get a blissful month or so off to spend doing the things that I love. But projects won’t wait, especially when the project is attached to a scheduled event that won’t wait.

So at Tuesday’s knitting group, some of the Sisters and I laid out the nine squares that had been collected to date and got our list straight on who was left to finish theirs. We then started making plans for a seaming party. (God knows that I didn’t want to do *that* particular job by myself!)

Today, we met at Julia’s house to start assembling the blocks. A couple of the Sisters dropped off or sent a few more blocks to bring the total up to sixteen. I think I’ve missed a picture somewhere, but here are the new ones:

Not sure who's this is! Rebecca's Square
Bea's Square, I think Micki's Square
Angele's Square Dunno about this one either... Kelly maybe?
Kat's square Elisha's Square
Aisling's Square

While the kids swam, Julia, Jeri, Mary, Angele, Rebecca, Joy, and I layed everything out.

Squares laid out

Micki, our person who seemed the most comfortable with crocheting the blocks together couldn’t make it, but Joy guided us really well. Most of us had never joined knitted blocks using crochet and almost none of us had joined pieces where the gauge appeared to be as different as the people who knitted them.

Overall, though, it wasn’t quite as bad as it looked when we laid the blocks out. Most of the squares hadn’t been blocked, so while some of the edges looked a bit off, they ended up being exactly right. We laughed and chatted as we worked. Occasionally someone would finish and not have more seaming to work on until someone else had finished with their seaming. So they knitted while they waited.

We now have four 2×2 square blocks. We still need to seam those together. (Those who missed today will likely want to have a go at it then!) We also need to collect the four remaining squares and will likely work on seaming those on Tuesday as well. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Most recent status

One thought on “The Sisters of the Wool Blanket – Part II

  1. Lynn

    Isn’t it amazing how a little bit of crocheting reconciles all the wobbly edges and the gauge differences?

    I’ll be happy to take a turn with the crochet hook tomorrow night. Crochet and I are old friends.

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