I love online trades!

When you trade with people online, you never know what you’re going to get.  This is especially true when you hook up with a trade via a site like Ravelry, when all you really know about the person is that they knit or crochet.

In some cases, it doesn’t work out.  I recently had a trade where I ended up with a whole bunch of mill ends of varying color intensities.  The person with whom I traded denied this was true, but that’s the only way to explain the mismatched colors.

It’s not the end of the world though.  I could have been ugly and demanded a refund, but I figured I’d keep it anyway.  There’s 1400 yards of it, and most of it matches.  I can certainly get a shawl from the 1200 yards or so that matches or find a pattern where stripes are welcome.  Or, as my friend Jeri pointed out, there’s also the option of over-dying.

In most cases, though, trades do work out.  Sometimes, they work really, really well.

A few weeks ago, I saw a post on a board on Ravelry where NadKnitBlog was looking for teacher stuff from an English-speaking country.  I happen to work in a school, one where the parents and teachers are generous.  I happened to have more of that kind of stuff than what I needed.  I even had a gift package from Christmas that I hadn’t even opened.  So I proposed a trade… Teacher stuff for German yarn.

Now, I’m a pretty flexible trader.  If someone asks me specifically what I want, I’m pretty good about naming a few things, but I won’t call off the trade if what I get isn’t exactly what I want.  After all, if I wanted an EXACT colorway, I’d likely skip the haggling and go directly to my favorite yarn stores.  So I told Nadine that I wanted “German yarn” and that Tausendschön would be nice.  But I let her choose the colorways.

We sent our packages last week.   Her package to me showed up today.

trade package

I loved how she packaged it.  The lid has the cutest stamp on it, with little birds knitting.  Inside the package was a cute stitch counter with a little sheep on it and three… count them… THREE!!!… skeins of Tausendschön Sockenwolle!!!

Nadine has awesome taste!   On the left is Perlenfischer (Pearl Fisher).  In the center is Verlfuhruig (Seduction).  These two are from the colorway of the month club for her LYS.  On the right is Wilden Kerl (Wild Guy).  It’s supposedly a “one off” of a Tausendschön colorway.

I’ve been squee-ing ever since I opened the box!  My daughter is nuts over Verlfuhruig.  The pink and black are just…. Oh boy!  My favorite is the Wild Guy!  The colors are SO rich! (My big challenge will be keeping Angeluna from stealing it!)

I previously had none of this yarn in my stash.  Now I’m fighting the urge to go to the Tausendschön site and order one of everything they have!

3 thoughts on “I love online trades!

  1. Angeluna

    You are so FUNNY. I was just totally oohing and aaahing over Wilden Kerl when I read your next paragraph and died laughing. Felt like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

    Wow, was that an excellent trade!!! Maybe I could find some “teacher” stuff lying around.

  2. Edith

    wooooooo! How awesome is that? I love all those colorways. Maybe I can drool around them when I see you next. If you dare to bring to knit night!

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