Happy Birthday, Boss!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been taking some allergy medicine that makes me so loopy that I can hardly think, let alone knit.  It makes me sleep lots, which is great for avoiding scratching but does nothing for getting things done.

Night before last,  my organizer chirped to tell me that my boss’s birthday is today.

Oops… I’d planned to make something for her over the summer.  What to do?

My daughter jumped to the rescue with a great idea.  My boss likes horses.  How about a Crafty Alien horse?

The idea was a good one!  I always have lots of wool for critter construction.  Crafty Alien’s critters are fairly easy, especially if you’ve made them before and made careful notes of the “gotchas!” in the pattern.  And, best of all, because it’s felted, if the medication made me zone out and do something stupid, it’s easy enough to fix.

I’d made one horse months ago.  For this one, I decided to change the yarn for the body to a different color of Wool of the Andes.  I used the Chestnut before.  This time, I used Camel Heather.

Now, I may have made some knitting errors due to the medication, but I don’t think I made this much of an error.  After felting, this horse turned out rather squat and fat… More like an Australian mountain horse than a thoroughbred.  I might have to do a more scientific test some other time, but it’s something that I want to remember to test for future projects if size is really an issue.

Fortunately, size isn’t an issue for this horse.  Short, fat horses are just as good as long, lean ones.  He’s quite a cutie!

I’ll see my boss tomorrow.  Hopefully she’ll love her gift!

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  1. Tenia

    I have a friend who wants a Hobbes the tiger from Calvin and Hobbes made. I have given her a link to your blog. Her name is Janet

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