Dude Looks Like a Lady!

Last week, my daughter was off in Florida with her best friend. Since my husband was working, I had quite a bit of uninterrupted knitting time.

I decided to take the opportunity to finally knock a project off my knitting queue that had been there since the pattern was published almost a year ago, the Alan Dart Snowme. I rifled through my stash, pulled out some yarns that I liked together and set to work.

Imagine my surprise when my daughter returned from her trip with a bag that used almost exactly the same colors!

Alan Dart Snowme with the rocking Aerosmith bag

Alan Dart Snowme with the rocking Aerosmith bag

My daughter and I had to laugh at the way we channelled each other’s color choices from such a great distance.

Last night, I took the Snowme to knitting to show him off.  After he had been passed around from one person to the other, Angeluna commented that it was interesting that he was wearing pink but everyone was calling it a “him”.  I was thinking about that today when I was photographing the little guy.  Then the Aerosmith song “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” started running through my head.  It’s a song title that fits!

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  1. Lynn

    Knitspot is knitting a pair of pink socks for her husband. And Brother Yummy [my favorite dancing partner] has a gorgeous pink shirt.

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