I was cleaning up my web server this morning and had a huge brain fade.

  • I failed to do a back-up before I started.
  • I meant to delete an old blog that I’d played around with and inadvertently deleted my real blog.

Fortunately, my brain started working in time to remember that most of the data for WordPress is contained in the database.

I lost my pretty template and all of the images uploaded directly to my server, but most of it is still there.  Most precious of all, the comments, were in the database, so I can live with reconstructing everything else.

Not right now though… I’m off on a mission of mercy to a co-worker’s home computer.  Hopefully my brain wakes up by then.

3 thoughts on “Malfunction

  1. Batty

    I almost stopped reading at I failed to back up. That’s never a good beginning. I’m so sorry, but glad you managed to retrieve a bunch of information. This sucks.

  2. mary anne

    I see you have your template back? Thank goodness for that. I hope you are able to put most of everything else back at some time. I’m sorry to hear this happened.

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