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I’m really enjoying October this year.  In addition to pumpkin-mania, I’ve been teaching the Little Grump how to sew costumes.  She has been doing a really great job!   I’m sure we’ll post pictures here when she finishes.

Teaching my teen to sew turns out to be much more painless than what I thought.  I have been trying extra-hard to avoid some of the stunts that my mother pulled when she taught me.  Primarily, I’ve been sure to stay positive and to not demand that she rip out anything that is not 100% perfect.  (My mother was a tough taskmaster!  It made me crazy because it seemed to take FOREVER to accomplish anything.  I think I was 26 and off on my own before I realized that it didn’t take 12 months to make a costume!)

To keep my hands busy (so I don’t grab it out of her not-as-capable hands and do it myself), I’ve been working on some smaller projects (that I can drop any time she needs me).

Jack Skellington Dumpling Bag

Jack Skellington Dumpling Bag

First off is my admittedly corny take on Interweave Knit‘s Dumpling Bag.  The pattern shows a cute little bag with winding vines around the center.  When I look at the bag, I see things that are very different.  The first image that came to my mind was Jack Skellington’s head.  So… A quick knit, a little felting, and some embellishment and… Presto! Change-o!

Once that was finished, I moved on to another knitting project… Boo the Bat (from Mochimochi).  I now have all of his pieces parts done, and it is ready for assembly.

I also started with a baby hat, a gift for one of my co-workers.  (This will likely become a trend in my knitting.  At present, there are at least four babies in the baking with my co-workers or their significant others.  Needless to say, I’m sticking with the bottled water!)  It’s not far enough along to show what it looks like, but I’m sure it will be cute.  For now, I’ll only say that I HATE Addi Lace needles with a passion and would glady trade the set I’m using for a pair of cheaper KnitPicks needles in the same size.

Finally, I threw something together for the school Pumpkin Parade.  It’s pure geekery, but I love how it turned out.  I used a Funkin, a very cool hollow foam replacement for traditional pumpkin.  You can carve it like a pumpkin, but the joy is that it’s much less messy!  I then added a dead mouse and keyboard (rescued from the salvage pile).  The kids (especially my Computer Club kids) thought it was awesome!

Have a geeky Halloween!

5 thoughts on “Halloween geekery

  1. Lynn

    I might be able to help you out. What size KnitPicks do you need? I like them best for almost everything I’ve tried, but there are some projects where [for me at least] only Addi Lace will do.

  2. aisling

    I love your Mac-O-Lantern, Too cute. Can’t wait to see the baby hat, maybe tonight ?? I’m gonna try to be there.

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