The third time is a charm

Now that I’m done with sewing projects for a bit, I can go back to knitting!  Yay!  (I loved working with the Little Grump, but it’s nice to just relax!)

First up was a project for a baby gift for a co-worker.  I’ll blog about that later, when I finish the booties.

I ordered the yarn for Aibhlinn months ago, three gorgeous skeins of 100PureWool, a yarn that I’d rarely seen used for anything but baby longies and soakers.  I was immediately impressed with the look and feel of the yarn but didn’t have the time to get to the project right away, what with my pumpkin mania and all.

I finally got started on Tuesday.  When I looked at the project listings from other knitters on Ravelry, I noticed that very few people seemed to use the recommended yardage.  Most knitters claimed that the recommended cast-on (143) was too much and/or opted to use fewer stitches.  So I decided to follow along.

I couldn’t find one of my size 7 Options tips at the time, so I used size 8s and cast on 125 stitches.  I used 11g for the cast-on and bobbles, and then started the pattern repeats.  I knitted for a couple inches, growing more and more concerned all the time.  The result would be a perfectly respectable neckwarmer but would not give the lovely drape or allow the hood that I really loved when I saw the pattern.

So yesterday, I set aside the first attempt and started a second attempt with the second skein of yarn.  I cast on 143 stitches with 143 stitches using size 8 needles.  I used 13g on cast-on and bobbles.  About an inch or so later, I knew that this wouldn’t work either.  The colorway isn’t all that crazy… just two shades of purple, but those two colors pooled so that there were wide vertical stripes of light and dark purple.  Ugh.  I couldn’t live with it.  Disgusted, I went to bed.

Aibhlinn in 100PureWool 3-PlyThis morning, I decided to try attempt #3.  I located my missing size 7 needle tip and once again cast on 143.  Once again, I knitted the bobbles and started the repeats.  (I’m not sure, but I think I was grumbling something like “#@$#@!! bobbles!” as I went along.)   12g of yarn for the cast on and bobbles and about an inch or so later, I’m convinced that the third time is the charm.  The color is still pooling but in wide spiraling stripes.  I can live with that!

I think if I were to do this pattern again, I’d steal a page from my friend Jeri’s book.  Jeri is a huge fan of the provisional cast-on, and I can see why.  Had I done a provisional cast-on for each of my attempts, I wouldn’t have had to knit bobbles that I’d later have to frog.  (Let me tell you… Frogging bobbles is not much fun!)  I really, really wish I’d thought of that before I started!

I think I’m going to enjoy working on this project.  Now that I’m on the repeats, it’s really pretty brainless.  I only need to glance down every now and then to make sure that I haven’t zoned out!

I’m sure that I’ll be breaking up the monotony with a project or two.  I dyed some KnitPicks Bare Superwash Merino DK in Fushia for Jared Flood’s Porom hat.  (The Little Grump tried on one that someone else had knit and fell in love.)  I also have a couple critters that I need to finish.

As usual, there are more knitting projects to complete than there is time to complete them!

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