I’m having a crappy day!

I’m having a crappy day, which makes me kind of cynical. If you don’t want to read someone’s rant, turn away now.

For the fourth time, I’ve lost a cell phone.  I don’t know how this one went missing.  The others fell out of my purse.   It’s possible that this one fell out of my pocket, but it’s equally possible that someone stole it off my desk or out of my car.  (I find it very hard to believe that anything could fall out of my pockets with as tight as my jeans are these days!)

As with the last three, the person who found it started using it as if it was there own.  This time, the person placed about 20 calls between 7:03 this morning and 2:00 this afternoon when I got concerned enough to check my charges.  I put a hold on the service at that time, but not before the person could use it a few more times.  The person even checked my voice mail!  How nervy is that?

I’m feeling violated and angry.  It would never occur to me to use someone else’s cell phone as my own.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had a cell phone since way back when they were as big as bricks, but I can’t see doing that.  If it doesn’t belong to me, I try to return it to the people in the building closest to where I found it.  If they don’t want to take it, I’d drop it off at the closest cell phone store.  Certainly someone would know how to get it back where it belonged.

My daughter thinks that  the reason why people have no shame about doing such things is because of the economy.  Things are bad.  People are getting desperate and jealous of those who have the things that they want.

I can’t be so generous.  I think it’s selfishness, pure and simple.  People don’t want to work for the things they want.  They think that they should have it just because… And, if they happen across a lost item… Well, whoopee!  It’s freebie day.

What happened to a good healthy fear of karma?

This really kills me because I wiped out my address book last week when I upgraded the operating system on the phone.  I’d just gotten it to where I could back it up.  But no… All of those numbers are gone again.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon going through the numbers that the person called.  I called each one and left a message:

“Hi… This is Grace.  I’m looking for an honest person.  Someone called you from my cell phone with the number XXX-XXX-XXXX at this, that, and the other time.  Problem is, I didn’t give them permission to use my phone.  They have my phone without my permission.  I’d really like to get my cell phone back.  If you know of who might have my cell phone, I beg you to please, please, please talk to them and see if you can get it from them.  If you return it to me, I’ll make it worth your while.  I won’t ask questions.  I won’t try to prosecute.  I’m relying on karma here.  Please help me out.  Call me at YYY-YYY-YYYY.  Thanks for your time.  If I don’t hear from you by noon tomorrow, I’ll try you again later.”

I managed to talk to one man, who said that he was pretty sure that “Jessica” called him from my phone.  He refused to give a last name but said he’d see what he could do.  When I told him I’d call him again tomorrow to see how he fared, he got all upset.  “I’ve lost dozens of phones.  What’s the big deal?”

It makes me wonder who is paying for these phones for him.  Do they grow on trees, and I just don’t know where to pick them?

He also didn’t think that he had any moral obligation to help me.  I pointed out that, if he knew who had the phone and didn’t tell me, he was just as guilty of stealing as the person who is using it, but he objected.

Makes me wonder who is teaching ethics these days.  Or if anyone is teaching ethics at all.

So I’ll wait for a day.  See what happens.  And probably once again call the insurance company to make a claim.

It makes me so mad.  What ever happened to honest people?

Funny thing is that I’d happily give $100 to someone who returned my cell phone to me without attempting to use it as their own.   If the person had returned it, they could have bought their own phone.  Now all they have is a phone that they can’t use.

3 thoughts on “I’m having a crappy day!

  1. Elemmaciltur

    I’m sorry to hear about this….but you know, people can be pretty shameless about things. It’s hard nowadays to find genuine, honest people. I hope that you get your phone back soon, one way or another and that “Jessica” doesn’t run up quite a bill tally using your cellphone.

  2. Batty

    Mr. Batty lost his phone and someone was nice to first call every number he had saved, then return it to the train station’s lost and found for us to pick up. Not everyone loses phones all the time, and trying to return it is a wonderful thing. I’m sorry the person who found yours hasn’t returned it.

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