The world is a truly strange and wonderful place.

Today at lunch with my husband, I said, “What do you bet it turns out that the manager is someone we know?”

I then wandered off into thoughts of “What if it’s xxx? OMG! I’d rather STARVE!”

We chuckled for a good bit of time over possibilities. There are some people that we really DON’T want to work with again, though hubby readily admits that he doesn’t know of as many people as I do. (I can curl hair with some of my co-worker stories!)

So a bit ago, he talked with the HR person. And guess what?

We DO know the manager who picked his resume out of the pile and said, “We don’t need a phone interview with this one!”

It’s a guy that both Alan and I worked with at some time during our years in Akron.

Fortunately, this guy’s name is NOT one of the names that came up during our joking earlier. It’s actually a guy that Alan used to bowl with in Akron. (There’s an old saying that says that anyone who wants to live and survive in Akron MUST bowl because that’s where all the connections are made. Guess it’s true!)

Darn small world!

So Alan’s interview is next Thursday in Arlington.

If he doesn’t get an offer (and doesn’t accept it), I’ll know we’re cursed!

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