Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2009 already.  This past year has been so busy.  My hubby commented that I was busier this year during the holidays than I ever have been.  I think he’s right.  Part of it was that the little grump has more activities than ever before, and as the designated driver in the family, all of her activities became mine.  Part of it was that I had a whole bunch of baby showers to attend, and I insisted on giving something knitted to each of the mommies.  I love the idea of giving knitted gifts because, for me at least, they’re something of a symbolic promise to give the new child something more passing attention.

This morning, I put together a little collage of all of the projects that I worked on this year.

Projects 2008

I didn’t include the utterly failed projects, the ones that I started and then frogged because they weren’t going anyplace good.   I also didn’t include the one that is still on the needles and that will probably remain there until I decide that I want the yarn for something else.

I did, however, include the three projects that I still haven’t finished:

  • Bella’s Mittens – still need thumbs.  I’ll finish those as soon as the needles come in.
  • Adipose – Technically, I’m not allowed to finish the one that I still have.  I didn’t realize that when I signed up to knit an adipose for the BBC that the pattern would come with a huge caveat that the knitters weren’t allowed to make any for personal use.  I can’t bear to frog the anemic one, so it sits on my side table, awaiting the day when I’m allowed to finish him.
  • Clementine – That’s the swatch below the horse in the collage.  I haven’t blogged about it because it’s a retirement gift for someone special.  The two halves are done and ready to be grafted.  I’ve been putting off the grafting because I’m afraid I’ll screw it up.  Now I have less than 30 days to the retirement party.  So I have two choices: graft or hope that the retirement party is canceled (which it may well be).

Overall, I’m prety happy with the work that I did. It’s not quite as much as I wanted to do, but all of it was well-received and appreciated.

I’m hoping to do some larger projects this coming year, maybe a vest or a sweater or two.  I still have two more baby showers before summer, so I’ll be working on those projects soon.  I also have a belated gift to make for one of my friends.

But to start out the year, I finished a project that has been on my queue for a while.  Nothing earth-shattering… Just a dishcloth.

Round dishcloth

My hubby is thrilled with it, as am I.  If you’ve never done short rows, it’s a good project to start with.  However, don’t depend on the pattern to give a good explanation of how to do short rows.  Read up elsewhere, and then do the project.

The other modification I’d make is to do a provisional cast-on rather than the long-tail cast-on.  That way, I can Kitchener the cast-on and bind-off edges more nicely.

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