Fugly Yarn

My hubby finally gave in and set up our house on a wireless network.  I’m thrilled, because now I can pull my computer into the bedroom, where all of my stash is hidden under various pieces of furniture.  Now, I can look on Ravelry and see if I’ve already listed a particular yarn and set up a stash entry for it if I hadn’t.

It’s kind of neat going through such a large stash.  Most of my stash was purchased on outings with friends, so there’s a bit of an emotional investment in it.   I remember sharing most of it with my knitting group.  Those memories make the yarn worth keeping.   When I pulled some things out, I remembered the feeling that I had when I first saw it listed online and how overjoyed I was when I won it in an auction or was able to buy it before someone else could steal it out of my cart.

Yeah, it’s only yarn, but for those with a fiber obsession, yarn is a very, very good thing.

And then, there are things that I just shake my head over.  Why did I buy that ball of Be Sweet Magic Ball?  There’s so little there!  It’s pretty and I got it at a discount, but the texture is weird.  None of the pictures that I took really represent the weirdness.  But oh… Is it pretty!  (I’m thinking of buying a clear lamp and putting it in the base so I can just look at it.)

And then… There are the regretable yarn choices.  Like this one…

Cherry Tree Hill Potluck Bulky

It’s Cherry Tree Hill Potlucky Bulky in the Water colorway.  The first skein (the one in the middle) came in a Cherry Tree Hill grab bag that I purchased on New Year’s Eve three years ago.  (Some people do champaign.  I do yarn.  Got a problem with that?)  When I received it, my first thought was, “OMG!  FUGLY!”

Then I saw someone on Knitty.com who was looking for something else that came in my grab bag that I didn’t want. (That’s the problem with grab bags.  You never know what you’re going to get.)  She had two more skeins of this yarn that she also thought was awful.  So I decided to trade.

So now I have three skeins of almost matching fugly yarn.

I’m considering the idea of a Fugly Yarn KAL.  Make something… Anything… Out of the ugliest yarn in your stash.

I actually have an idea for this one.  I found someone on Ravelry that has two more skeins of this yarn in this color group (Water) that was purchased in a grab bag the same year I bought mine.  I’ve inquired about the cost.  If the price is right, I’ll take it.

Crazy?  Maybe.  Is that anything new?

6 thoughts on “Fugly Yarn

  1. Taya

    The two skeins of fugly CTH potluck I received in grab bags turned into my favorite slippers, and once balled, then knit looked MUCH better than they did in the hank.

    Maybe it’s my monitor, or the yarn diet talking, but I like what I see.

  2. Batty

    Sometimes, fugly-in-the-skein yarn knits up quite nicely. But I know what you mean about unfortunate yarn choices. Mine is still at the bottom of my stash.

  3. Jeri

    Some of it looks ok, but that’s the thing about their potluck colors, it can be so different, skein to skein.
    If any don’t float your boat, I’d be thinking overdye.

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