And now, we wait some more

Hubby called from the Dallas airport, where he was having dinner at Chili’s.

He interviewed with three people.

One was the guy we knew from Ohio. Hubby knows that went well. He said that the guy probably would have put him to work immediately if he could, because he had found a job where no security clearance was needed immediately that still needed to be done immediately. And it was right up hubby’s alley.

Hubby said that the interview with the second guy was obviously a hit too. He said that the guy seemed really enthused.

Hubby is unsure about the last guy though. It wasn’t that he thought it went poorly; just that the guy didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as the other two.

Hubby said that our contact from Ohio wanted me to call him on Sunday so that we can talk about schools, neighborhoods, and all that stuff. He has one child in first grade, so they have at least a little familiarity with schools.

Hubby thinks that’s a good sign.

However, he said that they told him that they would contact him “soon”. To me, that’s not concrete enough. What does “soon” mean? Is it “soon” soon… Like Monday or Tuesday? Or is it “Epinions soon”, which is possibly never?

* sigh *

So now we wait…

I hate waiting.

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