I’m converting!

My husband and I are the kind that drives a car until it drops.  We’re geeks, but we don’t replace a TV just because a niftier technology comes out.  I didn’t replace my cell phone until the phone company no longer supported the old signal technology.  It’s a matter of practicality, I think.  That and possibly being accustomed to living on a shoestring for so many years after we got married.

For the past year or so, I’ve been annoyed by my Compaq Presario 4440 laptop.  Until recently, it wasn’t really the computer’s part.  My annoyance was more with  Microsoft’s habit of releasing updates to Windows XP that breaks functionality.  It’s their lame attempt to get people to upgrade to Vista, but having used Vista on several occasions, I knew that I didn’t want to do that.

Then things started going wrong with the Compaq.


The first thing to go wrong is that we started to wear a hole in the left trackpad key.  It finally wore completely through, broke in two, and fell off completely.

Then the hinge started to crack.  The laptop wouldn’t close all the way.  We started to worry.

Then the power cord problems started.  It’s gotten to the point that only my daughter knows the trick to wiggle it to the point where the power connects and allows the battery to charge.  (The Force is strong with the young Padawan!)

Then, on Sunday, the hinge broke completely.  In order to use the laptop now, we have to rest the laptop on our laps, with the base tilted slightly upward so that the hinge section rests on our lap to support the screen.

Mr. Grump has been urging me to go shopping for a new computer since the power cord issues started, but I’ve been putting it off.  We’ve been putting money aside to replace some things that we know need replaced so money wasn’t really the issue, but I loathe buying anything with more than three digits in the price (let alone four, five, or six)!

So on Sunday, Mr. Grump put his foot down and insisted.  I looked around.  I didn’t want another Compaq because I’ve read enough to know that the hinge issue is a recurring theme with HP machines.  I saw a Dell at a fairly good price, but balked when I started reading reviews.

Over the last few years, I’ve grown to like the Macs at work.  My daughter has likewise.  Last year, she had to do a project for school and created a really kick-butt movie on iMovie with video, slides, animation, etc.  It was very cool, but we spent days at school until 9 PM while she worked on the project.  (The one good thing about a school… The work never runs out, so the school got quite a bit of free time from me while she worked on her project.)  We both lamented at the time that we didn’t have a Mac at home.  Apparently, Mr. Grump was listening.

As I sat there browsing deals and reviews,  Mr. Grump finally suggested, “How about a Mac?  Don’t you get a discount for being employed by a school?”  Well, yes I do.  It’s not much of a discount, but it’s a discount.  So I started looking and thinking.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I really wanted a Mac!

I may live to regret this.  I doubt it though.  I have several friends who love their Macs.  Hubby is excited about being able to set up a dual boot partition so that I can jump into XP if I want or need to.  Little Grump is excited about being able to play with Garageband.  (The school has it, but she never has time to do anything with it.   She only uses the computers at school for any meaningful amount of time if she has a school project.)

So I ordered.  Although the initial order said that the projected delivery was July 6, the latest shipping status says that it’s on the vehicle for delivery RIGHT NOW!

I’m going to be glued to the door for the rest of the day!

2 thoughts on “I’m converting!

  1. Karen

    I am very excited for you. Mr. Grump is a Keeper!!! You know I love my MAC @ school and @ home, and I am quite enjoying having the MAC Book this summer…makes me feel like the Mystery may need to consider taking care of me like Mr. Grump has you.

    By the way, you may be a Geek, but your readers deserve to see you toes!!!!

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