Calling Big Bird!

Cascade 220 comes in over 220 colors.  Seven of those colors are some shade of yellow.  You would think that at least ONE of them would be a bright, sunny Big Bird yellow.  But no.  I know because I bought each and every one of them.    None of them had the true, happy, bright yellow that I wanted.  Most of them were too pale or, for lack of a better word, muddy, so that the bright color just didn’t pop the way that I wanted.  The closest, 7828 also known as Neon Yellow, had a funky green undertone that just turned me off.

It seems that yarn companies are reluctant to make bright yellow yarn.  Few people look fabulous wearing it, and lots of people just hate the color.  Cascade is no exception.  I think they’re being really short-sighted, but then again, I’m not the one who is trying to keep a business going in a really poor economy.

Still I wanted yellow!  Real yellow.  The yellow that my friend Rebecca calls “Eye-searing yellow”.  Because, believe it or not, that kind of color *does* have a place!  If you put an anemic yellow up against hunter orange, bright turquoise, and bright lime green… Well, you know that it’s going to get lost and drag the whole project down.

Enter my knitting pals.  Rebecca just so happened to have some of the dye left over from her dying experiment that left her with “Blazing Sunshine” yellow socks (which, IMO, were stunning for more than their glaring color).  My friend Taya had some too.  (What’s with my friends liking yellow so much?)   I had a skein of undyed, natural Cascade 220 that I’d picked up ages ago with the idea that someday I’d need to make my own color.  It was great planning on my part, it turned out.

I had already wound the yarn into a nice ball, so I had to rewind it into a skein.  As I was doing so, my hubby expressed his yellow-prejudice by saying, “Are you sure you want to use the WHOLE skein?  How often does ANYONE need YELLOW?”  I pointed out that, if I needed it once, I’d likely need it again and that it just makes sense to dye more than enough so that I wouldn’t have to do more work if I needed more bright yellow yarn later.   He relented, but I could tell he wasn’t exactly in agreement.

Hurrrrrmmmppphhhh! on his opinion!  Long live yellow!

With just a little of Rebecca’s dye, I now have a yellow yarn that more than stands up to other bright colors.  If I have to say so, it’s fabulous!  Behold!


2 thoughts on “Calling Big Bird!

  1. Lynn

    Yes! lovely! I wish I still had my red sweater with the yellow snakes on it. That yarn was from Harrisville Designs, sized for warp. I had to wash it first. If memory served, I used something like “006 Cornsilk” for the light snakes and a brilliant marigold/eggyolk for the dark snakes, all on a fire engine red background.

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