The moving saga continues.

Tonight, I set out 25 (TWENTY FIVE!!!) huge boxes of stuff to be picked up by AmVets in the morning. That’s in addition to the 6 each that I’ve already given to Purple Heart Veterans (who stiffed me on the receipt!) and Salvation Army and the 4 I took to the battered women’s shelter. Our front porch looks like I tossed my husband out of the house!

I don’t know whether to be proud that I’m getting rid of stuff we don’t need or appalled that we had it in the first place.

I swear… How the heck did we get all this stuff?

What was in those boxes?

  • Clothes that neither husband nor I have worn since college
  • Ellie’s baby clothes (don’t EVEN think what you’re thinking!)
  • Books (about 6 boxes, mostly books that I haven’t been able to sell on in a year)
  • blankets, comforters, sheets
  • lamps (I hated them when I put them in storage. Why did I keep them?)
  • Old boom boxes (got new one with CD and tape player; no longer use the one with only tape player and friend gave Ellie a small desktop stereo system with tape player)
  • shoes (we could have opened a small children’s shoe store!)
  • Old Christmas lights (bought them by mistake at the end of season clearance and didn’t realize my error until following Christmas. It would take a fortune to use these monstrosities)
  • old mismatched dishes

Most of it is stuff that we should have cleared out ages ago but, for whatever reason, held onto. Much of it comes from changing technology, changing tastes, and an improved standard of living that comes with working for lots of years. None of it has any sentimental value. Every last bit of it is stuff that would cost less to replace than it would to store it “just in case”.


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